Alkyd Resins Isophthalic Acid Pia

Alkyd Resins Isophthalic Acid Pia

Shanshan Resources Group is located is Ningbo, China. We are a top rank manufacturer and trading company. Mainly engaged in energy and chemical raw materials, non-ferrous/ferrous metals, agricultural products, oil products, coal and other bulk commodities, the scale of trade in the industry in a leading position.
Alkyd Resins Isophthalic Acid Pia contributes to the synthesis of high-performance plastics, imparting durability and heat resistance. It is widely employed in the manufacturing of engineering plastics and thermoplastic polyesters.

Product Details

Alkyd Resins Isophthalic Acid Pia, denoted by C8H6O4, exists in solid form as colorless crystals. With a melting point around 238-240 °C, it demonstrates limited solubility in water but readily dissolves in organic solvents. Commercially available Isophthalic Acid boasts a purity exceeding 99% and is odorless. Its stability under standard storage conditions makes it a valuable component in polymer and resin synthesis.


Alkyd Resins Isophthalic Acid Pia holds a crucial position as a chemical building block, notably contributing to the synthesis of premium polyester resins. These resins, exemplified in the crafting of fiberglass-reinforced plastics and laminates, play a foundational role in various industrial applications.

Packing and shipment

Our Alkyd Resins Isophthalic Acid Pia is available in 25kg/500 bags, 1ton FCB. We prioritize secure packaging to ensure the product's integrity during transportation. Shipping is handled with care, adhering to safety regulations to guarantee the product reaches you in optimal condition.


For pricing details, please kindly contact us. We offer competitive prices and can provide customized quotes based on your specific requirements and order quantities.

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