High Purity 99 Isophthalic Acid Pia

High Purity 99 Isophthalic Acid Pia

Shanshan Resources Group was established in 2010, which is a first-class subsidiary of Shanshan Holdings Limited, focusing on trading of bulk commodities.
Widely used in resin synthesis, High Purity 99 Isophthalic Acid Pia is a common ingredient in coatings and paints due to its excellent adhesion properties. It enhances the quality and longevity of various painted surfaces.

Product Details

High Purity 99 Isophthalic Acid Pia, known as Isophthalic Acid, presents as colorless crystals with a melting point typically between 238-240 °C. Its sparing solubility in water is contrasted by good solubility in organic solvents. Notably, commercially available Isophthalic Acid maintains a purity greater than 99%, and its odorless nature enhances its appeal. Widely used in polymer and resin synthesis, its stability ensures reliable storage.


Within the realm of chemical synthesis, High Purity 99 Isophthalic Acid Pia plays a pivotal role, particularly in the production of high-quality polyester resins. The emphasis is on applications like fiberglass-reinforced plastics and laminates, where its contribution ensures the development of resilient and versatile materials.

Packing and shipment

Our High Purity 99 Isophthalic Acid Pia is available in 25kg/500 bags, 1ton FCB. We prioritize secure packaging to ensure the product's integrity during transportation. Shipping is handled with care, adhering to safety regulations to guarantee the product reaches you in optimal condition.


For pricing details, please kindly contact us. We offer competitive prices and can provide customized quotes based on your specific requirements and order quantities.

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